Most people know that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for business as it can be used to recruit employees to your company, building up your profile for networking, or finding a job. However, most people are not familiar with the highly advanced LinkedIn advertising options for businesses. Beyond recruiting or a LinkedIn pro membership, LinkedIn ads offer highly advanced targeting to generate more leads or acquire new clients.

Using pay per click advertisements, you will be able to target a wide range of different groups and users, ensuring that they do see your business. There are numerous options here, but these are some of the best practices for targeting through ads on LinkedIn.


Best Options for LinkedIn PPC Ad Targeting


Upload Your Email List to Target Users
Let’s start by targeting an email list audience. Targeting an audience will allow you to reach out to specific people who might be interested in your website or business. To do this, you can upload a list of email addresses from your existing database, such as a CRM or a newsletter. Once the email list is uploaded, when they next use LinkedIn they will see an ad for your business. As such, this could be seen as a form of retargeting. You will have a fresh opportunity to market towards an audience who are already familiar with your business.

Target Ads By Company Info
You may want to think about targeting by a company or industry that you are interested in. This is particularly useful if you are promoting your business in the hope of potential new customers seeing your ad and contacting your company. Perhaps, there is a specific business that you are aware of on the market that has a fantastic team of employees. PPC on LinkedIn can help you catch the eye of some their employees, owners, or major decision makers you want to get in contact with to start the sales process.

Or, alternatively, you can target companies that are a certain size and fit into a specific industry to ensure that you reach people who will be most interested in your business. It’s all about getting your ad in front of the correct decision makers at specific companies and industries.

Target Previous Website Visitors with Remarketing
LinkedIn Remarketing ads allow you to show your ad on LinkedIn to people that have previously visited your website. This ensures you stay in front of the right people with your company message during the decision-making process. This method is especially effective for longer sales cycles or heavily competitive industries where potential new clients will speak to several companies before making a decision.

Target by Job and Career Info
Are you trying to get your ad in front of the right decision maker? Is there a specific position in your business that you need to fill? Rather than head hunting for the right new worker in your company, you can use ads on LinkedIn to make sure that they find you. You will be able to target individuals based on their job function, years of experience and job seniority, ensuring that you find the right man or woman for the job or that your ad is in front of the correct decision maker. Targeting this way will allow you to find the right people for the job without the cost or the effort and connect directly with them.

Target By Education
Perhaps you are looking for fresh recruits for your business. If that’s the case, you should explore the possibility of targeting by member schools, fields of study or academic degrees. By doing this, you can quickly gain the interest of individuals who will be new on the job market. Or perhaps, you are interested in fishing for recruits from a specific education pool or market an MBA or PHD program. This type of targeting will allow you to do just that.

Target By Demographics
Key demographics that you may be interested in exploring could be age and gender. Perhaps you have a preference for a particular group for a particular position. Or, maybe you know your business will appeal to a certain age group of people. If you use demographics for targeting, you can layer demographic groups on top of one another to find the idea customer or candidate. This can help you find the right seniority or qualifications for your potential new clients or potential new hires.

Target By Groups, Followers And Connections
Or finally, you might want to explore the possibility of targeting people based on the groups they are part of, the people and businesses they follow or the connections they have. For instance, you might be interested in individuals that follow marketing companies because you are looking for individuals with skills in marketing and promotion. Or, you might want people who follow a key individual or person of interest in a particular market. Who people follow on LinkedIn can tell you a lot about them characteristically and whether or not they are the right target market for your advertising.

As you can see, there are a wide range of different practices for targeting users through PPC ads on LinkedIn. Each practice could benefit your business in a certain way, and the one you choose will be dependent on the type of individual you want to attract.


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