Using social media to grow your business is a given, but many business owners still don’t understand just how drastic and effective social media can be for their businesses, as some insight, you may want to read social media and internet statistics of the general population by viewing pages similar to this if you were to click here, doing so you might just find out just how big of an impact social media platforms can have on a business if they have a strong digital presense. As one of the leading platforms for business growth, Twitter has exploded in popularity and it’s easy to see why many businesses can benefit from expanding Twitter PPC ads.

But what exactly are the advantages of Twitter ads and can every company take advantage of them? In this article, we’ll be discussing three distinct advantages of Twitter ads that will help you grow your online presence and boost your business’s growth.

Boost Your Twitter Reach

One of the biggest advantages of growing your online presence is to boost your business’s reach. The more people that are exposed to your company, the more likely you’ll be able to grow your business and establish your brand online. Twitter ads serve as the perfect solution to help you grow your social media presence. By promoting important Tweets such as new product releases or Tweets that have garnered a lot of attention, such as awards your company has received, you can grow your audience exponentially. Boosting posts also allows people that are not following you to see your tweets, exposing your brand to a new audience.

Since promoted Tweets appear to more users than just your followers, you can draw more attention than you could by just asking followers to retweet or like your posts. This ultimately helps you connect with a larger audience and it’s a fantastic way to grow your sphere of influence and get more people on board with your products and services.

Gain More Twitter Followers

Followers are arguably the most important statistic that you should be focusing on when increasing your business’s social media reach. The more followers you have, the more attention you’ll get from people across social media. You have a larger web of influence with more followers, and the best way to increase this number is to run a follower campaign and continually post engaging content. As your followers continue to grow, the more people can be exposed to your content pushed out by your Twitter account. If you’re wanting to try and further increase your follower count you can also choose to use growth services like this you’re able to find at, for example. This will increase the number of people that can engage with your Twitter content and hopefully cross over to your other social platforms as well.

Having more followers means that your content will be seen by more people and there’s a much higher chance of people seeing your posts retweeted, liked or even commented on. It’s all for the sake of increasing engagement, and boosting your follower count organically means that you can scale your business growth in the future without spending too much capital on advertising and marketing. Rather than auto-follow bots, instead, grow your audience the natural way by having good content on your Twitter account instead of spammy posts or automated software.

It’s important to focus on active followers instead of trying to increase the number for the sake of having a high number. Yes, followers will typically like your Tweets and even talk about them, but if you focus too much on the number and not the reason for getting more followers in the first place (to increase engagement and have more networking opportunities) then you’re approaching social media with an incorrect mindset. Make sure to put your Twitter ads for a follower campaign in front of the right target audience to ensure new Twitter followers you gain will be engaged over time.

Advanced Twitter Ad Targeting Options

If you’re smart with keyword usage, hashtags and mentions, then it’s possible to target your Twitter ad audience with pinpoint accuracy. This is important if you want to focus on reaching a specific audience and it will drastically boost your follower count with the right audience.

To assist with this, you’ll want to consider audience profiling. Think about where you get your highest volume of sales or website traffic, and look into statistics such as the age of your audience, their locations and even their interests. This is all information that can be collected by Twitter in order to make a customer profile for each user, and you can pinpoint these keywords and terms by specifying them in your advertising campaign. Twitter ads can also target lookalike audiences for specific followers or a username.

This means your advertisements will be more relevant to whoever it’s displayed to, and this ultimately increases the chance of making a sale or at least gaining someone’s interest enough to like or retweet your promoted message. Sales are really important to the success of your business though, so it’s something that you should make sure you are confident with. There are plenty of Sales training providers out there, so if you need that little bit of extra help, you really have no excuse. You need to make sure you, obviously, push on your advertising but don’t forget that you need to perfect your sales as well.

This article contained just three major advantages of Twitter ads, but they’re arguably the biggest in terms of the impact they make to your online presence and also your company. Twitter might be seen as just a social media platform to many, but the way your follower count, your reach, and your engagement with your audience affect your success should not be underestimated. Consider adding Twitter ads to your PPC campaigns for cross-channel promotions and integrating social media into your other online marketing campaigns.

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