Are you exploring ways to improve your website? Improvements to your website should benefit the consumer and make clicking on your site a better experience for them. That’s why adding a live chat function to your website could be the best decision you will make. There are many benefits to adding a live chat function that you should consider that extend beyond customer experience. Let’s look at a few so you can decide whether this is the right improvement for your business.


Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website

Engage With Live Website Visitors

One of the biggest advantages of live chat is that it provides you with a new simple way to engage with website customers. Live chat isn’t the only way to interact with the consumer online, but it is the fastest. As soon as the consumer clicks on the site a live chat can appear, prompting customers to speak with a trained professional or a helpful member of your company. Through modern marketing methods, customers are used to being able to interact directly with the company and live chat allows them to do this. They don’t have to wait for an email response and instead they can gain a message from a representative of your company in minutes or indeed seconds. If you are running an e-commerce business, live chat paired with product customization software from a company similar to Drive Commerce could aid with enhancing customer experience even further.


Answer Customer Questions Fast

An essential trait of a great website is the ease at which customers can find what they are looking for. There are various ways to do this from adding links to content to simply laying out your site the right way. But, a live chat can cut out any chance that a customer won’t be able to find what they’re looking for. Or, maybe the answer they’re looking for isn’t even on your site. It doesn’t matter, a live chat will provide them with the answer anyway because an operative at the other end can find the info that customers may not yet have access to. Again, this is going to greatly improve the customer experience and ensure that they are satisfied with the service of your company.


Start The Pre-sales Process Early

You can make sure that the sales process starts as soon as the customer clicks on your site with live chat. Through live chat, customers can chat openly with a representative of your company in a way that feels completely relaxed. They might start by asking questions about a product, searching for answers that they will need before they commit to a purchase. For instance, they might ask about delivery times. A live chat representative can answer this query for them immediately. In some cases, a live chat interaction may even be able to initiate a sale for the customer, adding a purchase they want to their basket on an ecommerce site. It’s quick, easy and increases the chance of a website conversion.


Flexible Hours

Have you pinpointed a specific time when more customers visit your site? If so, then you might want to think about setting up customer service representatives at that point and ensure that consumers have people they can talk to. With live chat, this process can be simple. You will be able to control when live chat is accessible and ensure it does appear at peak times to maximize the efficiency of the service and boost the number of conversions. You can even make sure someone is there to answer questions 24/7.


Easy To Add

Live chat doesn’t require complicated adjustments to your site. Nor do you need to rework or redesign your site to include this feature. Instead, it can be as simple as adding a widget to a WordPress page or installing some pre-written code. There’s no fuss and within minutes your live chat can be up and running, ready to connect customer service operators to consumers.


Easy To Track

Live chat is easy to connect to CRMs, Google Analytics, and of course, PPC campaigns. As such, it’s easy to track and even view specific conversations with customers through a live chat feed. That way, you can pinpoint any issues and solve them as quickly as possible. Many live chat providers have a simple integration for setting up live chat goals in Google Analytics, and then even importing them into Google Adwords as conversions. This way you can track PPC conversions from live chat software to see how many leads came from live chat. For lead generation, live chat can be a valuable asset for online advertising campaigns.


Don’t forget, since live chat is completely digital, customer service representatives can access it from anywhere. That means you can outsource and hire employees to answer the queries and questions of customers from the comfort of their home, saving a lot of money in your business model.

As you can see then, a live chat feature could be a massive benefit for your business site, be connected to your pay-per-click ad campaigns, integrate with CRMs, connect with Google Analytics, and will certainly improve customer service ratings.


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